Recently my band, Soundscape Rebellion, released a mini-album titled ‘Ignius the Fire-Eater’. It was the culmination of three years of work. During this time we had intended to release several other bodies of music, but Ignius effectively exhausted my creative energies. Now that we have completed Ignius, I have experienced a new surge of desire to create music. We already released ‘Comrade, So Long’ and ‘Bands Named After Cities Named After Dead European Explorers’ is 50% complete. In addition to this, we have two other EPs in the developmental stages.

Consequently, as ‘Ignius’ blocked other creative projects, these new projects have had an impact on Singing Telegram. This is not to say that I’ve lost interest or will cease to produce these picture-haiku-comic-things, but sometimes a haiku is not enough prose to adequately explore an idea.

So… hang tight and in the mean time listen to some Soundscape Rebellion or you could read some of my Short Stories.